Shaun Steingold

Managing Director

A born entrepreneur, Shaun started his first company in college after turning down a job at a hedge fund. Since then, Shaun has tackled entrepreneurial opportunities in all types of situations, including the growth and sale of his first company, a PE-back restructuring, as a successful VC and within a Fortune 50 company.

Shaun serves as an advisor and Board Member to multiple companies and non-profit organizations.

Over the years, I've learnt that no business can stand still. There are always changes in ownership and personnel, and invariably challenges with keeping our products or services relevant and in-demand. The reality is that businesses change, they evolve. We are going to keep moving - just like a shark - Greg Norman

At Momentum Labs, Shaun oversees all company functions and directly leads our acquisition activities.

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Shaun Steingold | Momentum Labs